Hourly rate or fixed cost project ? We got you covered.

By Rene on Oct 23

We are introducing new budgeting feature to Breeze. Now you can easily set a budget to your entire project !

Just start a new project and enter your budget:

You can enter estimated hours, hourly rate and also the total amount. Why is there a separate value for the entire budget, you ask ? This is for the cases when you need to add a little extra on top of your budget and when your total hours are fixed. This feature also helps you to show to your clients the work you are doing and that the budget must be increased when they keep adding tasks.

On the projects page you can now see progress bar with worked and budgeted hours. If your budgeted hours times hourly rate matches your total budget we won't show you seperate bar for the amount. If you still want to see the money bar then just change your total budget not to match total hours.

Hope you find this new feature useful, it helps you track your work and keeps your projects on time and on budget.

This is the first of many new features related to budgeting and reporting . We are working on adding task and projects analysis to reporting page.