Update tasks via email

By Rene on May 18

You can create tasks and add comments to Breeze by email using your favorite email client. This is a handy way to manage your tasks without logging into the app. To make this even more useful we added the option to update task parameters from email. Now you can assign tasks to users, change status, move to lists, tag, assign dates and estimate workload.

As before, when you email in tasks then the subject of the email becomes the task name, body is the task description and attachments will be linked to the task. When you respond to email notifications then the email body becomes the comment and attachments will be linked to it.

You can update the task using the following commands:

  • @assign list of emails or names, use "me" to assign to yourself
  • @status done, ready, block, on hold
  • @list task list name, moves the task to that list
  • @tag list of tags separated by commas
  • @startdate date, example May 25 2015
  • @duedate date, example May 30 2015
  • @estimate task estimate in minutes

You can mention users using the same syntax as in the web app. Type @ and the user name or email, example @Rene .

Update tasks via email

When you add these commands when emailing in a new task or responding to a email notification the task will be updated in Breeze. Type your email normally and add the @commands at the bottom or to the top of the email. This way you don’t have to change the status, assignee or any of the other options later.

Updating tasks via email is also a great way to respond to tasks on a mobile devices. If you're unable to use our mobile app on your device, you can respond to the email notifications and use the @commands to update tasks in Breeze on the go.