See all the tasks you created

By Breeze Team on Apr 20

Have you ever wanted to see all the tasks you created in one place ? Until now you had the option to see all the tasks that were assigned to you, but not the ones you created.

To help you with that we added a feature to Breeze that does exactly that. Just go to the "Tasks" page and you'll find a new option under the users filter.

Tasks created by you

You can now choose the way you filter tasks and todos - by the user who created them or to whom they are assigned to.

Here's a recap of the Tasks page functionality

You can sort tasks two ways, by

  • Project
  • Due date

When you choose the due date option then we divide the tasks to four lists:

  • Tasks due today - all the tasks that have due date today.
  • Tasks due in the future - tasks with due date in the future.
  • Overdue tasks - tasks that have due date in the past .
  • Tasks without a due date - tasks that have no due date set.

You can also filter the tasks by users. Here you also have two options. You can filter them by:

  • Assigned to users
  • Created by users

Finally you have an option to filter by status:

  • Done
  • Ready
  • On hold
  • Blocked

The tasks page also shows you all the todos on the same place.

Breeze project boards are a great tool to give you an insight to your work and we hope that this new feature gives you an even better overview of your tasks and projects.