Hubstaff time tracking integration

By Rene on Mar 31

Time tracking and estimates are integral part of any project. In Breeze you have multiple ways to track your time - use the built-in time timer and estimates, use the Harvest plugin or track using GotDone app.

Now you have another option for tracking time. We are announcing an integration with Hubstaff - time tracking software with screenshots, activity levels, timesheets and reports.

What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff runs as an application on the desktop making it easy to track time. Once the time is tracked you can invoice clients, pay employees, see in-depth reporting and much more. The desktop timer runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and it allows you to record screenshots, and activity levels so you can monitor your remote team. It's as simple as that.

The thing that separates Hubstaff from other time tracking apps is the ability to take screenshots of your work. This allows you to see how much time has been spent on projects, who is currently working on them, and your teams' activity levels. It works by tracking the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes your employees make.

Hubstaff has tons of more useful features like manual time entries, notes, employee payments, reports, exports and more. You can read all about the from their features page.

How the integration works?

Hubstaff was built to integrate with project management tools like Breeze. Your team can pull down all their assigned tasks in the desktop app and track time to them with the push of a button. The app runs on all major desktop operating systems. Breeze desktop timer

The setup is really simple. It's all done on the Hubstaff side. You only need to connect to Breeze from Hubstaff and link the users and projects. Then you're ready to start tracking your time. You can find the step by step guide on Hubstaff help page.

Here's a short video that shows you how it works.