Bookmark your reports

By Breeze Team on Dec 10

Do you feel that generating a report from scratch each time you need to view data filtered in a certain way is too time consuming? Then Bookmarks is just the feature you need! Bookmarking your reports makes it really easy for you to retrieve them later.

Any report you generate can be saved as a Bookmark, all you need to do is set the filters and a time span and click on the Bookmark button under the filtering bar – easy as that!

Bookmark reports

After doing so, all you need to do is to name the bookmark

If you choose the date range from one of the predefined values "Today", "This month", "This week" etc. then the bookmark uses the relative time. Meaning that if you have a report boomarked with the date "This month" (December) and you run it four months later then it uses the relative date (March).

You can also fix the date by choosing the exact date using the date picker. That way the report runs on the dates you selected.

So, once you’ve done all of this, the Bookmark appears below the search filter. For quick access.

List of bookmarked reports