Better task management with swimlanes

By Rene on Nov 6

We added a new way to organizing your projects. Now you can add horizontal rows called swimlanes to your board to get a better overview of your tasks. You can divide your tasks in teams, products, features, business areas or anything else you can think of.

What are swimlanes?

A swimlane is a means of grouping and categorizing the tasks together on the project board. For any team, prioritization and grouping of task is very important. The team needs to know which tasks are of higher priority, have a clear distinction between features and departments, and so on, to ensure that work on the tasks is much more streamlined and smooth.

Kanban board with swimlanes You can choose to set up your swimlanes in a variety of ways:
  • to represent issue priority - the further down in rows you go, the lower the issue priority, example expedite, high, normal etc.
  • for user stories and features - example Feature A, Feature B, Feature C.
  • divide tasks between departments - development, design, admin and so on.

Why are they called swimlanes?
Breeze uses Kanban board ( as way of organizing tasks. The term swimlane is commonly used in this context and this is why we decided to stick with it.

Adding swimlanes

You can find the “Add a swimlane” link at the bottom of the project board, next to the archive link.

Add new swimlane

You can add as many swimlanes as you like, drag and drop between swimlanes also works. If you reorder lists then the lists are reorder for all the swimlanes. If you delete a swimlane then the tasks are not deleted, but moved to the first section. There’s also a minimize option for the swimlanes, this is a easy way to hide some of the swimlanes.

We also added a “Add a task” link to the end of every list, makes it easier to add tasks to swimlanes.