Visualize your workflow, lists and tasks

Breeze organizes your work visually, letting you see and interact with your entire project, at the same time keeps focus on a task.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

Breeze interface is easy to use, everything is drag and drop. Drag your tasks from one list to another or reorder your lists. The interface can be used by your entire team, from accountants to developers. Drag and drop items and tasks to prioritize. Filter to see only the work you're involved in. Filtering tasks helps you get a better overview whats going on and who's doing what.

Drag and drop tasks, filters
Tag and assign tasks

To-dos, to-do lists and collaboration

Plan and analyze what needs to be done by writing it down using the simple editor, organize your work under a task with to-dos and to-do lists.

Simple task editor

Organize your to-dos into lists. This helps you prioritize and get a better overview of your to-dos. Prioritize and reorder your to-dos by simply dragging and dropping. Mark to-dos as done.

Todos and todo lists

Time tracking, estimates and budgets

Time tracking with Breeze is painless - run a timer or enter the time afterwards.

Start the timer

Breeze has a built-in timer that you can use to track your work. Just click on the play button to start tracking. You can close your browser and come back later, your time is saved on the server and you never lose a minute of your work.

Time tracking timer

Estimate tasks and log time

You can add multiple time entries to tasks, choose a date when work was done and optionally add a comment or description to the entry.

Time tracking entries and log - Breeze time tracking

Discuss every task

Leave feedback to tasks and discuss, use the super simple editor to edit your replies.

Leave feedback, discuss problems

Attach files

You can attach files to your comments the same way as to tasks. Either choose one from your computer or from the cloud. Dropbox and Google drive are supported.

Email in feedback

When someone adds a comment you'll get an email, just reply to that and your comment will be added to the task. All of your communication neatly contained in the appropriate task and organized.

Activity stream and email notifications

All the changes in your projects are visible in the activity stream and you can receive email notifications if you wish.

Project activity stream

Email inbox for tasks and discussions

Just send an email to create a new task or reply to any notification email to add a comment.

Task email inbox

Reply to the questions sent to you by your team members without having to log in. Clients love this one. You don't have to log in to Breeze. Every reply will go to the right project, under the right user. You can even send attachments.

Share your projects with clients

Breeze is a great tool for working directly with clients and getting them involved. It is used daily by developers, project managers, accountants and marketers to share information and content.

Set user permissions

You can invite as many client users as you need, there are no limitations or restrictions.

Hide tasks

You can move tasks in and out of the hidden list. For example, you can create a private backlog of tasks that are not visible to the clients, when you are ready to add them to the general backlog then you can move them out.

Don't show task lists to client

Hide comments

You can share tasks with clients and have private discussions with your teammates. You can always make the comments visible to the client by marking the checkbox.

Don't show comments to clients

Calendars and resource management

Instantly know when something starts and ends, and if someone on your team is overloaded or idle.

Task calendar. Team planner.

Manage resources

The resource view shows you your team's workload, how are tasks distributed and if someone has too much or too little work. Click on the calendar to add a new task to someone, it will get automatically assigned to that person.

Resource management

Powerful and easy to use reports

See where your team spends time and effort. Keep your projects on time and budget.

Attach files to tasks and comments

Reports by tasks, project and time entries

Powerful reports - breakdown by project, tasks and time entries. See what was done, by whom and how long it took. Send reports to clients or management. Export your data and reports.

Export your data

All the data in Breeze belongs to you. You can export your data anytime. Use CSV, our API or sync to Freshbooks.

Breeze on the go, mobile app

Get a quick overview and see what's happening in your projects. Access all your projects. Read and leave feedback. Review and complete todos. Assign tasks and log time. Breeze mobile has all the things you need when you're on the go.

Breeze has native apps for iOS and Android. The official Breeze app for iPhone, available on the App Store. For Android Breeze app, get it on Google Play.

Mobile project management - iOS, Android and Windows 8

A simple project management tool for you and your clients

Breeze shows you what's being worked on, who's working on what, where things are in the workflow and how much time it took.